Hope someone can help me? I'm quite IT literate, so normally don't need to ask for help, but hey, here goes...

I use a Dell, with a Dell Monitor. 19" CRT.

Now then, I was in Google Earth - was working fine and have had no problems at all with my PC, ever! - when the image section of said program (ie, the maps) went berserk (I know not very technical).

Re-booted all seemed fine, however upon moving the cursor\pointer to a white background (my desktop is black y'see), I noticed a flickering "around" the arrow icon.

Imagine the pointer is a box - with invisble sides (cuz it actually is!), well the "flickering" occurs within the confines of the "box".

So I try a game; Civ 4 as it happens. All seems ok, altho main menu options had a striped effect. But upon entering a saved game, the main screen (map) was like looking at a kaleidascope, on acid - I kid you not.

Now my question is: is the graphics card having melt-down? Or is it the monitor finally giving up the ghost? Monitor is approx 4 yrs old (ok, I hear the screams now: change it, change it!!)

My hunch was the card, as XP has generally been ok. However, the screen saver (flying 3D text) also was doing kaleidscope impressions, so I'm now veering towards the monitor capitulating... add to this, the fact that nothing has changed on my PC at all.

I shall try and use an alternative monitor and work at it by exclusion, rather than supposition, but any thoughts and comments greatfully received :-)


What gfx card is it?


So like when you tru to run somthing 3D is that when it looks weird or is it just random on when it happens?

Well let me know

To me this sounds like a card problem, try a different monitor and if the problem persists then its probably a Card Problem.

Card or driver. I had this issue when i used the windows default one instead of the proper ATI driver but another machine had similar issues (green squares) caused by a card damaged by overheating

My advice is to get a new gfx card, i did because my games went into a lag land so when i did change, the difference was brilliant, i only have an X1600XT but is still way better than what i had, an X300 :P

Thanx for the responses...

Card is a 128 Radeon 9800 Pro. Old, I know, but it's been fine until today... grrrrrr!

Me thinks it's the card, and as I kinda stated before I'll try a different monitor and see...

Have you changed any software/hardware recently?
Because a gfx card would not just suddenly go into a weird state of not working. Are you getting BSOD's?

Absolutely nothing had changed (as mentioned in my original post).

I used to work in PC Support, so have an analytical mind, so worked thru several options and it's the card.

Have purchased a new gfx card and all is well... :-)

Thanx one and all for feedback... nice little community, shall try and be here more often. Kudos given to all too!

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