First, thanks for any help you may give.

My problem is: from several days ago, my 3 year old thinkpad T40 cannot load the windows when turned on. I noticed the fan is working but the HD seems not. For maybe 1 trial of 10, the windows can load and I would enter the system, but it becomes dead even with small vibrations of the machine.

I know nothing about the hardware. But I suspect something is loose inside. Or is it only a software pb? I have a strange experience happened just before this pb. On that day I suddenly suffered a screen change (lose 1028 resolution and becomes to 640, saying something related to display drive doen't work and need reboot).

I have no solution, but I have exactly the same problem. Sometimes the BIOS gives me some error beeps, referring to a faulty video-card or motherboard problems. I have a IBM ThinkPad T40P, a very pricy one, but it's a kind of useless now.

hi gbbijl, if you got a beeping soundm check your memory sticks., try removing it first and clean the gold fingers before you put it back, if still the same try using a new memory stick

hi captain, check your BIOS if your system can still detect the HDD, if can detect then try re-installing your OS..