I purchased a new laptop, that came pre loaded with Vista, I need to revert back to xp professional. I have the full versioin of xp professional service pack to ... and when booting from cd to install I get "cannot find hard drive"

Hard Drive Momentus 5400.3 160 gb

I know this has to do with some kind of driver ....

any advice?

this is the type of error that you get when the drive is setup for NTFS. if so the drive will have to be FDISK'd to a FAT32 partition. Then you should be able to install XP.
I assume that you have the means to reload VISTA, when you change your mind?

sure jumper !!! master or slave.

yup either this or go down load the recovery disk from the manufacturer...
I am also having the same problem.

Times like this i am Missing my floppy drive as i have a dos boot disk and then i can do lots more.... anyone have a dos boot file on usb?

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