I have a Toshiba Tecra 8100 Laptop 498Mhz PIII running on XP SP2. I recently purchased (2) 256Mb PC100 SO DIMM 144pin memory sticks. When I installed them, my laptop would not boot up (powers up but does not go to welcome screen: blank screen). When I put the old RAM back in (2 - 128Mb), it boots up just fine. I'm stumped. Help please...

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Clean them first especially their gold contacts with an eraser. Test with one memory module at a time then start your computer so you can identify which one of the two is defective.

if none of the above works, your new memory modules maybe defective or not compatible with your system.


check what your system has at present through cruical techs site, it scans your system to tell you what memory you have, and what you can upgrade it to:

Thx for the replies.

I will try to clean the gold contacts and try one stick at a time.

I went to the crucial site and the scan couldn't give me details with upgradable memory information.


In case you are wondering, it is fine to mix different makers of RAM, just don't have RAM sticks using different speeds, otherwise you will run at the lower of the two speeds.


Thx everyone for all your help.

Now for the conclusion:

-It turns out that I need a 16 chip memory sticks, which is weird because the original sticks have 8 chips (are they jipping me here?).
-EdgeTech Corp. sent me the wrong ones and will send me the correct RAM (w/ 16 chips) for additional money.
-The (2) 256Mb 8 chip RAM will be exchanged for (1) 256 16 chip module.

Oh well, I will have to settle for 384Mb (sounds weird).

Thx again...


The amount of chips doesn't matter!
I have 2 1Gb sticks, one with microchips on 1 side, the other with chips on both sides :P
So no they weren't 'jipping' you there at all, it's what is in the chip that counts, not how many you have of them.


I didn't know that. I am just repeating what the tech support guy told me at EdgeTech Corp.

What you say makes sense though. It all depends on the manufacturer.


Mine has also provided with 1 x 512MB single sided and 1 x 512MB double sided sticks. Still booting until now.


As long as the sticks have equal speeds, and are not damaged they will work regardless of Manufacturer or if they have microchips on one or both sides.

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