i am having problems with my computer , in the game nfs carbon after the splash screen it crashes ,does that mean i need a newer video card or a newer pc and all my requirements are full good than the minimum except the video card :'(

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Well i ran into that problem with GTA Vice city on one of my older computers and it was my video card. I think it would be the video card if u meet all the specs besides the card.

So maby its time for an upgrade.:)

Hope this helps


Well, I bought a GeForce FX 5200 for my old computer to play World of Warcraft from New Egg and I was happy with the fact that I could read reviews from users and with the fast shipping. The card looked nice for World of Warcraft, but unfortunately I didn't have enough RAM and my system uses RDRAM so I have to get another computer unless I want to keep playing stuff like original Halo! lol


512 is the minimum
WoW runs well on 768mb ram

Well on the box it said 256 was the min but they updated it later. It ran but when I would go into the cities it slowed down to a crawl untill it loaded all the stuff and when I tried to do the team battles it was too slow too. I miss that game though; maybe I could just buy 2x256 off ebay for now (I have 2 slots left). But I'm still going to have to replace the computer cause the CPU is too slow for most games (old P4).


it runs on my dads pc

Geforce 5something AGP
Pentium 3 933mhz
768mb ram

runs perfectly at 1024x768, medium settings with shadows + antialisaing off

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