Hi, im new here infact this is my first post.
So i recentley bought a SATA hd and i can see it in mycomputer.
Im running Win Vista Ultimate, and have an Abit fatality1....

This is what i tried to do to see if the HD is detected at all,

1.As soon as i log into any account i get a message in the system tray that drivers are being installed for the hd and this is the description {NVIDIA nForce RAID Device}.

2.I went to Device Manager and expanded the
IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers part; and i see this: Nvidia MCP61 Serial Ata Controller cannot start.(code10)

And in the storage controllers ic these
Microsoft iSCSI Initiator
NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller
NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller
NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller.

I really need help on this beacause in need some more storage space.:(

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ok now ive downloaded a couple of drivers, and it has been detected and a message poped up that it must be configures via (drivemanager?). it opened up nvidia control panel and windows said that the program stopped working!.
I tried to acces it again the same thing happens.
I came up with the idea to change the satacable and the slot and when i logged-in back the safely remove hardwer was downloading drives from Winupdates. When it came to install them it faild.

I really need help please im a noobie

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