Hi all i'm new here so i hope I'm posting in the right place. Last week we had a major thunderstorm while the computer was on. The power went for for like 3 secs.Everything came back on except the computer. No life anywhere in it, including no lights. Does this mean its toast? I tried using another plug and waiting for a bit but nothing. Also does this just kill the power supply or does it mean all the hardware inside is toast tooo. I have another computer that i need the memory cards for. any help would be appreciated.


First thing I would look at if this happened to us is the transistors on the mother board. They are the little tube like things all over your mother board. They should be flat or slightly indented if they push out at all then they are bad and if you don't know how to replace them your mother board is shot. Also when you open the case do you smell a burnt smell or an acid like smell if so then your pc is probably shot if none of the following are true then test the power supply .

hi sueb51,

i suggest try using a new power supply, if the fuse in your power supply break off, i think your mobo will be safe..try hooking up other supply, actually you can check if your power supply if it's good or not you just need to short two wires at the connector of the power supply, check if you got the circuit on your supply

...to be precise, you need to short the green and any one black wire in the PSU to test it