i rencetly broughta new priccesor and motherboard . i always get the corrupt o rmissing message c:\windows\system32\config\system error so i reload xp no help cant get into recover mode as my xp cd does not have it and manufactuers one doesnt either.
thing that puzzles me is it only happens on new proccesor and mother board if i use my old one its fine.

new proccesor is - pentium d dual core 2x3000ghz 800bus
mother board is -ecs p4m800-m7
machine is an emachine

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When windows is installed to prevent piracy it registers that version with your bios chip so if the bios chip changes then windows then has to be reverrified or reinstalled in order to make it work. this basically just prevents people from taking a hard drive out of an old computer and sticking it into their one and running windows off that. it sucks when it comes to things like swapping your motherboard but there isnt much else that can be done about it. perhaps microsoft will be smart next time and change that

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