Hey guys, ive got aproblem with my cd and dvd drives. Ive had a look around in a few forums but cant find the same problem so I thought Id ask for a hand.

On both my cd and dvd (seperate drives) I can play audio cds, burn cd and dvds, and copy cds. When I put a game cd in it will install the game properly but when I try to start the game I get an error of "Please insert correct cd (dvd) and click okay to restart application.

Both the drives are lite-on, and all the games are retail.
Two (supposed) computer friends have no idea what the problem is.

If you need details on anything ill get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks, Vince.

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you may have a dirty laser or maybe do you have scratches on the disc

Check for dust/dirt around the laser and indeed as sillycliff says check for scratches on the disc itself. Just to ask the obvious, are you accedentally putting the DVD into the CD drive?
Also check on the back of the game what speed your DVD/CD drive needs to be at. Your drive may not be fast enough to play the game. But if you can instal it without a problem i don't think it may be the problem, but it is worth a check.

The Cd player is also a dvd rom, so that rules that out.
The laser could be a bit dirty, But Ive also tried it out on my dvd drive, which was brand new out of the packet. The cds and the dvd were both new out of the paket and are scratch free. The speed for the dvd is only 4X so thats okay.

The fact that it happens on both of my drives (cd and dvd) leads me to believe its a software program or an internal setting. If I go into the drivers update options, I get told that there are no better updates than the onesalready installed, so Im at a loss.

Any ideas?

Change DMA transfer mode of your DVDrom and cdrom to PIO mode (Device Manager - IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers).

Install the game in different computer. Check what will happen.

Remove and reinstall the game in your system.

You have problem with CD protection. Different games use different protection software. If you post the titles, I might be able to help.

BTW, it is not illegal for you, since you bought the titles, to use cracks for those titles. Hey mods, this is not advocating piracy.

It could be, but i changed to pio mode and now both games work. Which is awesome. Thanks for all the suggestions guys, Much appreciated, Vince.

Running in PIO mode greatly impairs your DVD part of a burner. PIO mode is older and very limited in terms of data transfer rates, which makes burning DVDs very unreliable.

Your problem isn't solved, my friend.
It is either faulty burner, bad cable connection, faulty IDE controller/motherboard, burner firmware bug that needs updating, or bug in the protection software that needs updating.

As far as impairing will it be a problem if my cd is set up in pio mode, But I retain the standard setup for my dvd drive?

Im happy to sort of be in denial and continue runing this way as long as it wont cause problems per se.

I could just try this, but rather than do something im not sure about ill ask, in the setup the option was on automatic, before I changed it to pio. If I manually select a DMA mode will that solve both problems?

Two burners rule out faulty hardware (probably)
Games run on another computer rules out defective cd
So it could be one of the others, but like I said Im happy to work around this a bit if its going to be a hassle for me to fix.

To check the cables are in-tact and not the problem, open up your machine and check taht the data and power cables are fully plugged into both ends of where they connect especially the data cable (looks like lots of little grey/white wires stuck together).
Once that has been ruled out, you could always buy a new DVD drive that is to todays high standards.

If it is protection issue, you should contact game manufacturer. There are updates for such stuff, usually discussed at the game manufacturer's site/forum. That is where you should take a look.

I suggest that you update mobo drivers, in case the issue lies with them.

For the burner firmware update, you should post exact model of your burner, and I'll tell you exactly what you need to download and run.

Its a common problem. Some drives firmware have issues with the copy protection in games.

You need to update the burner firmware

The cables are fine, Ive had them in and out a couple of times.

And the DVD burner is only about 3 months old.

Since you can recreate the problem, I suggest that you use the warranty. Get different brand if possible. That one is obviously not too compatible.

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