Hi Genius friends,

There is no display on my pc monitor.When i turned on the power,it beeped for around 10 sec. and display(getting start diaplay on pc) GONE!!

1.Some days back i changed Bios setting and changed the bios by my own by guessing.Like i setted the system password and user password.Also machine off in 60 minutes options and saved the changes.
Impact: My system started restarting again and again autmatically withn few minutes of starting.

2.Then i changed the Bios setting of password and retained the setting for automatic off after 60 minutes.

Impact: PC started working fine(But it started switching off after 1 hour...Due to Bios setting)

3.Now again i changed bios again and changed this setting to previous one i.e. to no such constraint.


Now The computer is getting on and the green button on moitor is just blinking,but no display on the monitor. :(

WHAT I CHECKED?: I have ckeched the Ram,fans,motherboard(comp is in use since 1 and half year)and i cleand them too.I think cpu is working fine.But not check on other monitor as not available locally.

Your's turn Now....... :)


What GFX card have you got? Or do you run your monitor with Motherboard GFX (Port for monitor on theMotherboard not an expansion card)?