After spending the entire morning just getting a live boot of ubuntu to work (my fauly really, the last blank cd i had burned with an error, and i had to configure a flash drive to do it instead), i was finally able to use linux for the first time. I had a good experience too, especially the very pleasant surprise i found in driver support, which should make Vista flush in embarassment (I'm not kidding...all my devices were up and running, except for my graphics card, and even then i was offered the driver without having to go hunt for it...i still used the default one since the boot was a live one)

Now, the problem arose when i decided to add ubuntu to my list of OSes that i use. My drive partitions are ntfs. I went so far as to free some space from my main drive to unallocated space (about 20 Gigs) with the partition mager, but it told me i cant have more than four partitions(there was an adjective i can't remember).

My partitions are as follows:
Acer (C):
MediaStorage (I):
PQSERVICE (hidden partition used for recovery by acer software)
WinXP (L): (contains boot record for my vista and xp)

I guess I should have mentioned that i dual boot xp and vista currently (XP for games, vista for productivity)

since ACER and MediaStorage are both larger than 32MB, the only possible solution i can think of is to convert WinXP to FAT32 and install linux there. However, searches seem to say that this can't be done without data loss. This is a no no because my windows boot record is on there, and additionally, my XP cd is old and scratched badly and tends to do erratic installations most of the time, so i cant afford to have XP erased (well i CAN do without it, but I dont really want to...i like my games).

SO does anybody have any suggestions about what to do about this problem at all? I would really hate to let this just pass...because i would definitely have to wipe that flash drive off by tomorrow (its my mom's--mine is only 512MB) and restore its original data...

Please help me...ill give you a cow and marry your wife

Sorry, didnt realise this was the wrong do i delete?

>Sorry, didnt realise this was the wrong do i delete?
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