So i just recently upgraded my computer's motherboard, cpu and ram a week ago. From the get go there was problems. Firstly, sometimes my monitor wouldn't recognize that the computer was plugged into it, and was sending out data, so it just said no inputs. This would happen multiple times, but i found out that just turning off the psu and turning it back on, then powering up would fix it. I had to do this each morning.

I came down today to my computer and i found it to have the same problem, so i switched off the psu, turned it back on and tried booting up. No response. I tried this again and when i turned on the psu, the case fans started running (without me pressing the powerswitch) and a small place on the motherboard started glowing red and giving off smoke after a couple seconds. i switched the psu off after i saw this happen.

After that i just thought it was the motherboard was shorting out or something, so i replaced the motherboard with my older one which has a different cpu and ram on it, and it still starts when i turn on the psu (not touching the power button) and my monitor does not recognize it, this one does not blow up however.

well just to give you guys some reference here's my setup (with the part upgraded to in brackets)

psu: hiper type r psu 580 w
mobo: asus a8n-e (asus p5k-e)
processor: amd athlon 3700+ san diego (intel core 2 duo 6750)
ram: ocz platinum forget timings (crucial ballistix ddr2 1066 forget timings)
hd: samsung spinpoint 200gb
gfx card: evga 7800gt co
monitor: samsung 940b

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Very interesting

Check power supply, see how well it's running (perhaps in a different machine, or swap the psu out and see if it works any better)

make sure you're not shorting anywhere, (make sure the mobo isn't touching the mobo tray etc.)

Well i dont have a seperate psu i can change it with, and the other machine i have is a laptop. how can i test it?

also im fairly certain the mobo isn't touching the mobo tray as i covered the connectors where the tray touches the mobo with electrical tape.

For the PSU you could use a volt meter (black in the ground and red in one of the other lines) and check how clean the voltage is, and how steady; see if there's any fluctuations.

Also, check all your connections check the little power button wires and the little jumpes and stuff to make sure it's all accurate.

I guess i'll have to try and steal a voltmeter from my school.

I checked all of the connections just now and they seem to be correct. Right now im going to try and set up the motherboard outside of the case to eliminate the possibility of something shorting out.

Im so confused why this thing starts up the motherboard, but the hard drive does nothing, and the computer starts up without the power button, just pushing on on the psu.

well i just set up the computer outside the case, and no luck. still same crap.

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