Is there any device available on the market that allows you to expand the number of PC Card slots on a PDA, from, say one to two or 3? I want to copy memory cards more easily and if it works, have a GPS and WIFI installed at the same time, for example. My device doesn't have a USB connection, so can't use that. If not, what about designing one?

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No but some iPaqs do have an expansion pack to allow them to take a full zize laptop wifi card i think

Thanks...I will look into iPaq accessories.

I have a Jornada 728 with a type 2 PC card slot and uses 16bit cards (no CardBus). Could it be as simple as chaining them together like hard drives on a ribbon cable? Not sure how the Jornada would respond to added PC cards...likely would need a s/w update.


no i dont think you can daisy chain them

I see the ipaq expansion allows the ipaq to slip into it. I just bought one on ebay to butcher and I have an extra Jornada 720 I will try it on and can replace the Jornada MB if I hose it. Thanks.

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