Ive had my pc now for a couple of years but over the past 6 months or so its started running quite slow. Eg. say if i alt-tab out of a game to the desktop it will take maybe 60 secs to perform this task. where as before it would be fine. I only have the operating system and 1 game installed on my system, nothing else.

For some reason ive got the feeling its a hardware problem, I dont know why. Does anyone know how i can diagnose it, like if theres any software i can use to check my system?

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What else are you using this computer for? If you are going on line with it then you should scan for infections, that's typically what slows things down if it has happened quickly.

When was the last time that you defragged the hdd?

How much RAM and free space on your hdd do you have?

Have you cleaned the dust out recently?


I scan for virus regularly. Ive got 1gig of ram and 75% free hard drive space. i havent cleaned it out in a while tbh, could this be causing a problem?


Mild over heating can slow things down, buy a can of air and blow it out. Make sure to clean the heat sink and fan on the CPU, stick a pencil through the blades to keep them from spinning.

What did you run your scans with, and did you run them in safe mode?


ahh ive got it solved, i just cleaned out the cpu fan and heatsink which was sealed in dust. many thanks, m8 :)


my mother board hang when hdd conncted mother board configuration
gigabyte 8ld355 please solve my problem quick rwply now


Hi I think its a RAM issue or temporary files issue.Do u clean your temp files regularly and how much RAM do u have?Games generally use excessive memory to make the system slow.

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