Throughout the last week or so i have been experiencing frequent disconnects while connected wireless to my linksys router. Some of the disconnects seem to have logic to why it happens and others seem to come for no apparent reason. For instance, every time my phone rings and "Gets picked up" my internet will drop. But other times it will disconnect for no apparent reason. I have 5.8 ghz phones which really adds to the confusion. I have upgraded firmwire on router, changed channels, relocated router and phones but nothing seems to help. The only thing that has really changed is that I have recently installed a fresh copy of windows xp sp2, due to the previous copy have no services packs installed. If any thing I would think this would be a solution not a cause. If anyone has any solutions please tell me because I have exhausted mine. Thanks......

what brand of wireless card do you have

I have a wmp54gs wireless adapter.

You need to talk to your Internet Service Provider as there can be problem on their end or on devices from phone company they use. However before you do that you should try to use cable when you notice there is problem with wireles as that will be one of first questions your ISP will ask you to confirm.