Hi there

I've got an Acer Notebook (The exact model escapes me, but when I get home I will post it) running Windows XP.

Anyway, it runs great. The one thing I noticed is it has trouble with images.
Particulary gradient images. A smooth gradient on my old screen is normal, but on my laptop it isn't smooth as a gradient should.

It was suggested that my drivers need updating. Anyone know if the solution to this is a small one, or does it need taking in.

If I haven't given enough information, just tell me. I'm not really a techie, more of a web developer.


It is an Acer Aspire 5100 running Windows XP.
I've tried updating the drivers, but it tells me there are no new updates avalible.

maybe the laptops graphics card is just crappy

From another forum I was on the person said it happens to LCD screens. Does this happen to any other LCD screen? I don't have another, so I can't check.

Hey i Have excatly the same problem the only way i found to fix it is to do a full system roll back i found it only happened after i got windows media player or some other media player program i also have the excat same laptop if u have found a way to resolve this issue please let me know.


I have an Acer Aspire 5520, My laptop after about 10 minutes from being on start showing vertical lines and after a few minutes it justs turns off, or sometimes it would show me the blue screen.
I tested replacing RAM, because something similar happened once with a Desktop and replaced memory and it work , but my laptop did not have the same luck.

How could I diagnose a problem like this?

Appreciate the help!


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