So, the right alternate button, right arrow key, fullstop/greater than, and right-clicky button on my keyboard have failed me.

I am currently using ctrl-v to paste fullstops, and stinks.

So, I took out the fullstop and right arrow keys (they are the more crucial ones) and cleaned them and even pressed the sensor directly with a toothpick in a hope that it would work. Well, it did not and this problem has been around for like 2 days, and I don't even know what caused it!

I'm currently having Ad-Aware SE to scan my computer, then I'll be having Spybot - S&D to scan as well. I think I'll be downloading AVG anti-virus since my anti-virus is expired.

The anti-virus software I have is Norman (NOT NORTON) Anti-virus. Also, I don't think I can uninstall it. I think the Control Panel for Add and Remove Programs does not contain it. I could be wrong, but what would be the best way to uninstall it to make way for AVG, since I heard that only on anti-virus should be on a computer at any one time.

Is a HijackThis log needed? I will install it and post the full log if necessary.

I guess the last resort is to get the right control key to replace my fullstop button using a software, but there's no good alternative for the right arrow key, so I would not really like this option.

Anyway, I'm using a Fujitsu T4010 Tablet PC since 2004, and even though it has been wet a few times (only a few dead pixels which went away for a few days) and dropped it a few times, its only major problem is that the fan is a bit noisy and slow, which I can understand, but for certain keys of the keyboard to fail me so unexpectedly is, well, unexpected. I chanced upon this website, and I hope that you all can help me. I shall be very thankful.

If anybody need extra information pertaining to my system, I will gladly post it. Will be checking it daily, and thanks a million to everyone out here, and I mean it!

Sincerely, Wilson.

EDIT: My Ad-Aware has finished scanning and found only tracking cookies, which I deleted. Gonna do Spybot now.

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Sounds like you need a new keyboard, and I would repost this in the security section if you want them yo help you with a HJT log and have the moderator possibly delete this post. Good luck :)

To get rid of the old anti-virus prog, it may have it's own uninstall system in the start menu -> programs, if it is not there, have a hunt in the Add/Remove Programs section.
Also what where you doing on the computer when the buttons stopped working?

USB or PS/2?

One of the pins was bent on my PS/2 mouse before and it did wierd things (like not moving along the Y axis)

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