I have a friend who's computer is currently inoperable due to some screw up on his part, and he asked me if I could ask for help.
Apparently, his computer was randomly restarting itself, and when he asked someone why, they said it was too much dust on the inside of his fan and tower (whether this is correct or not I dont know). Anyways, he opened it up, blew out some dust with his mouth, and closed er and booted it up. The computer loaded all the way up to the "Windows XP Home Edition" loading screen, then after about 5 seconds of the screen being black, the monitor would go to sleep or something (The light turns from green to yellow), though the computer is still running.
Anyone have any idea what could have caused this, or better yet, know how to fix this?

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I'm guessing that spit caused a short somewhere. For future reference, it is good to get rid of dust, but your friend should use canned air. It's cheap and has a lower incidence of stuff like this.

I had a similar problem with windows hanging... I backed up my hard drive and re-installed windows and it worked. I don't know of a simpler solution.

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