Hey guys,

I bought a new ipod touch the other day and im loving it. I noticed today while i was in my car that in a certain light there appears to be a hiddent dot under the glass at the top of the ipod. It looks to me like an IR spot but as i do not remember hearing anything about the ipod touch having IR im wondering what it might be.

Any ideas?

:icon_idea: That black dot, is a light sensor that is used for the lighting of the screen. if you go to the brightness section in the settings menu, you can ajust the light intensity and therer is a setting for the auto light. this responds to the brightness outside so if you are in the dark, the light wwill be more powerful than if you were in the sun. I had just got a iPod touch three days ago and already figured this out! WOW im smart...the iPod thouch is an amazining poece og technology and there will probpalby be new discoveries i will find every day about it so have fun with it!:)

Yeah that explains it. I was thinking maybe IR or light sensor but i never really tested either. I love the Ipod touch and it can only get better when they release this Dev Kit in February.

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