My laptop will turn on, I can see the light but it does not seem to boot up. My screen stays black. I can open the CD but the caps lock and keys don't seem to do anything. I hook a monitor up to it and I still can't see anything. Its an acer aspire 3003. I was just surfing, chatting doing normal stuff on it and then suddenly it showed a blue screen and then it went black. I have restarted, taken the battery out and stuff too but had no luck.
Thanks in advance.

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Has it recently been dropped from any height? You might try opening it up and re-seating the RAM modules.


I havn't really dropped it any that I can think of but I tried this and it still doesn't work.


Try this first:

Unplug the AC adapter from your computer.

Remove the main battery.

Remove the memory sticks in their slots and clean their gold contact with a pencil eraser.

Keep pressing the power button for about 1 minute.

Put everything back in again then start your computer.

Hope this helps.......

If not, put your memory module in the 2nd slot. If you have two modules in the system, run it with a single stick.


I put in a new memory stick and now I can see stuff. yay. But then after a few minutes it got really slow and then it shuts off on me after just a few minutes. Any ideas how to fix this now?

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