I'm not a tech wizard like most of you on DaniWeb, so bear with me. I added a second hard drive to my Dell Windows XP computer. Is it possible to take that hard drive out of the computer and convert it to an external drive that would have a USB connection to work with any of my other computers (2 Toshiba laptops, Windows XP; another Dell, and a Macbook Pro)? Thanks for any suggestions!

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That should bring you to external enclosures on newegg.com. use the navigation on the left to find the proper form factor and connection type (sata/ide) and whichever interface you would like (USB 2.0, Firewire, eSATA)

They shouldn't be too expensive, and the reviews on that site are very helpful.

if you need any info on setting it up, the enclosure will probably come with instructions/a cd, and you can always use google to get the basics.

I'll take a look at newegg.com. Thanks!

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