I have come into possession of a thinkpad t40 that was stuck away in a storage area of my nephews apartment. it seems to have been there longer than any of the roommates so no one knows anythin about it. Since I have the proper power supply for one of my thinkpads i hooked it up. no response at all. the power light does not even come on when ac is connected. I plan on fooling around with this (since it was free) and wonder if anyone has suggestions as to the forst things to look for. I am going to use an adapter and hook the HD up as a slave on one of my desktops to see if it works.


Is there a battery light that comes on when you plug it in? like one that would indicate whether or not the battery is getting a charge?

if there is such a light but there's no indication of the battery getting charged perhaps you could take the battery out for 10-20 seconds and then pop it back in and see what happens.

I have an R30.

If you leave it for a long time e.g a year tge battery tends to die (permanently) and the only way to get it to boot is to remove the battery and run it from AC (if that still doesnt work hold the power button for 5 secs)

and yeah i think the power bricks are universal and my dads T(70?) fits my R30 fine.

If thuis storeage area was cold then warm it up and leave it for 2 days. The thinkpads have inbuilt protection against moisture and cold and wont boot e.g if you left them in the car overnight

I tried your sugggestion. I had forgetten that five second thing, but it did not work. To answer another post, the power light does not come on at all when the ac is connected ( a known good ac unit) I think the power connector on the mainboard may be bad. If not the connector then it may not be econmical to fix it. I now know that the laptop was definately in use as of late 2006. Maybe it got stored away because it quit working.

Are you sure its not the battery?

If i take out the battery on my R30 the power light does NOT come on when the AC is connected (it floickers a bit when i plug it in) but it runs fine

even with the battery out there is not even a flicker of the ac light. I am going to check the ac connector as it just feels wrong when you plug the ac cord into it.

It should go in then click slightly (thats what mine does)