Hi guys

Just wondering about the problem i have at the minute. Its regarding a Dell Optiplex gx260 pentium 4 2 ghz with 256 mb RAM and windows 2000 professional running on it.

The problem is when the PC is strated up and it reaches the Windows 200 Professional screen with a blue bar at the bottom indicating the progress of starting up process...it starts CHKDSK and comes up with this statement
"File record segment 4016 is unreadable."

As the CHKDSK progress it comes up with a lot more statements like th eone above with different segment numbers. Then after that is finished it starts searching for Index which apparently is the stage 2 of 3 of this whole process and it says
"Inserting an index to $0 of 4016" (not definitely this statement but somewhat on these lines)

Then after sometime it states
"An unspecified error occured."

Nothing happens after that. Kinda gets stuck.

Thats the whole scenrio and just wondering if any other unlucky sould out there have experienced this sorta things...Shed some light please.


Re: Dell Start up Checkdisk Issue...possibly harddisk failure 80 80

An update on the issue.

It seemed like the hard disk was the root of the problem. After i had one of the tech support guys look at it he ran some system diagonostics and seemed tome the hard drive was failing. Cjanged the hard disk andeverything isfine but he did not really explain as to what was the cause of the actual problem.

If any of you could still have some information regarding as to what may have caused the hard drive to fail like that then it would be appreciated.


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