i'm planning on building a new computer shortly and was looking at different processors. At first i was thinking about the amd athlon 64 x2, but a friend of mine said that the i should go with the core 2 duo. which is better and why? i'm not sure which i should go for.

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What do you plan to do with the computer is more important. Is it going to be a gaming PC, or will be used for design & development.
Intel's Core 2 Duo is far more better than AMD's high-end Athlo.

i plan on using it mostly for gaming. i will be doing some school work on it as well.

WebDave has it right. Core2Duo is far better for gaming.

Certain AMD levels are better at internal memory access than Intel, but the benchmarks consistently favour Intel IMHO.

I have a core2, a P4HT and an AMDX2

In my experience the P4HT is margibnally better for some things than the AMDX2 but for others the AMDX2 beats it by a large margin

In terms of Core2 vs X2 i would say the Core2 is the best. For everything ive thrown at it the Core2 wins.

Any thoughts on the AMD Athlon™ II 630 Quad-Core Processor...? I am trying to get a cheap machine that will record multitrack audio with a minimum amount of lag... Should also be able to handle video editing. And no, this machine will NEVER connect to the Virusweb (aka the Internet)...!

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