Yesterday I posted a thread about my new barebones kit and how I got a msg to make a backup SATA disk. After reading some technical info from a few websites I am thinking I need to ask a "dumb" question now.
When I was re-booting for the first time in the loop I got caught up in I had the new MB disk in my CD drive. The new info I have been reading got me to thinking. Am I getting caught up in that loop because I have that disc in the drive?
I originally put the disc in because it asked for drivers and that was where they were. I didn't think leaving the disc in the drive would cause any problems and I wanted to read the disc to see what else I might need after I got up and running. Now I think that leaving the disc in might be why I am getting caught up in the loop. I think the computer thinks I am trying to start from scratch with the disc in!
I know I should just try and pull the disc out and boot the machine and see what happens, which when I am done making a fool of myself here and quit thinking out loud I will do just that!
I just thought it never hurts to much to think out loud on these boards and see what kind of help is out there at the same time. I hope someone else has the urge to think out loud too!

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