hey guys,

im having trouble with my desktop, for some reason it wont boot up.
i used it a few days ago, and it was working fine. but today it wont boot up. after you switch it on, the led of the hard drive stays on, instead of the usual flickering, and the cd and dvd drives led both keep on flickering, like it was trying to boot from it. also it doesnt send the signal to the display, but i dont think it has anything to do with the graphics card going bust because it doesnt seem that the hard drive has been read from. what i tried later was to disconnect the cd and dvd drive (both the power and ide cable) but still the hard drive would not be read from, it still has the led constantly on. i think it may be that the hard drive has crashed, but i hope not because it didnt show any signs of crashing earlier. any help will be much appreciated.


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Start the bootable CD in the CD you have a recovery console enter there and tipe fixboot and fixmbr.If that doesn't work try again.And if you have a hardware problem if your HDD won't work try if it is set on master and try if it is set on primary IDE.If it doesn't work again try to switch power.

Ups I'm sorry for misunderstanding you I was thinking that your PC can't boot the windows.Have you change the position of the cables for LED HDD and others...If you didn't try to explain what exactly happend to see or to try to solve the problem.

i am guessing the pc does not post . ......even with the momitor blank you know know if the pc POST, your key board witll flash, your floppy will make a grinding sound(if u have one). now if the hdd light stays on one of 2 things, the cable is shot to hell or the cable is inserted incorrectly, ( did u move anything) try removing the cd drive and all other ide drive and try with only the primary hddd

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