Hi all,
I am doing a project over dual channel memory -- and I was wondering how much of a performance increase, (or if there is any) there would be if you gamed with dual-channel 512 mb or if you gamed with 768mb in single channel.

hmm... lemee rephrase that -- does anyone know where I can find memory bandwidth used by some popular games?

-Soral 3.0

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hello everybody
speaking of memory, how big an advantage , if any is dual channel memory?
it sounds good, but i wonder if anyone has had any experience with it?


Dual channel gives a 5-10% performance increase over single channel.
As for 512Mb dual -vs- 768Mb single : it depends. If the game needs more than 512Mb of memory, then the single will win out, if not, the duallie.


The system processor is important to the results as well. Depending on the motherboard of course, those people with Pentium 4 or Athlon64 processors will notice the (slight) performance improvement gained from dual-channel memory configuration. Those people with AthlonXP processors, on the other hand, will experience negligible performance improvement unless they are using onboard nVidia graphics!



True, true, I forgot to state that it was in reference to Athlon 64's.
I'm stuck in my own little A64 world!!

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