I left the window open, and it was raining that night. To make the long story short, my son't T30 was standing in water in the morning. He woke up first, and after wiping it, turned it on (unfortunatelly). It came on, but after half an hour or so, it just switched off by itself.

I suspect that the power unit inside is toast. If I get the battery out, it doesn't do anything at all. If I put the battery back, it struggles with the battery LED a little, but nothing happens further. I think it was just working until the battery depleeted completely.

My question is if the power unit is on the mother board, meaning I have to replace the whole board, or is it a replacaple unit? Where can I find (buy) one? Does anyone have documentation of the T30 moterboard (including the power unit)?

Thanks in advance,

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Have you tried putting a new battery into the motherboard. Otherwise if your motherboard is damaged in any way, you will have to replace the entire unit, and then buy new components to comply with that motherboard.


The T30 doesnt need a battery to run

I have an R30 and it runs with no battery (died many years ago) just fine.

So, remove the battery then leave it to dry it out for at least a week. DO NOT POWER IT ON!

Doing as above has worked for me before (pda+toilet lol)

If it still doesnt work after that then it is toast. As far as i know the PSU is a part of the motherboard and a new motherboard for the T30 is probably the same price as a whole new laptop

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