I'm new here to this forum and like to post a question on a laptop. I got a laptop from a friend which does not work. I don't know the history of it either. It' a Toshiba Tecra A3 and the symtoms are as follows: Power's on but no video. The fan comes on upon power up and that's it beside the green light which tells me the laptop is on. There is no activity on the display. I tried reseating the ram but nogo. I removed hard drive and battery and tried only with power supply and a nogo either. I then tried hooking it up on a external display and nothing either. I'm able to power on and off using the power button. I noticed somebody played with this laptop because on the built in wireless card two wires are unplugged which I don't know where they plug into. There is a white and a black wire and the available connectors are AUX and MAIN. Any help would be appreciated. :(

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I would try booting from either a floppy disk or a CDROm and see what happens, with and without an external monitor.

Then come back with results and let us know please


I tried booting from CD but it was a nogo. There is no sync between the display or monitor. I think I'll open it up and reseat what could be reseated and try again.


No sound and No Bios just a black screen. I just hear the cooloing fan startup.


Interesting. First troubleshoot your Video. It more then likely is not your monitor or tower Video issues if you are not hearing the initial beep when the system starts up.

So this means that it could be your CMOS battery or your powersupply. You can take you tower into best buy and have them check the power supply to see if it is defective. If they find that the power supply is good. Try replacing your CMOS battery, it should cost no more the 20 bucks.

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Oh shoot I just relized you have a Laptop.
That changes everything.
If no Post Beep, It has to be a battery/Power issue. Even though someone has messed with the wiring on the Network card it should still get through the post or give you alert beeps once started.
Double check the battery.


hi revxp,

try to connect a ps2 keyboard to your laptop, then upon turning on your laptop check if the keyboard lights up, if lights up then it means that your system can initialize to bios, i think the worst case maybe the video controller on your board is dead already..

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