I bought an 80 gig maxtor hard drive, for a family computer, we had to erase it and put windows xp 5 times already, but now when we check its properties it says it only has 31.48 gigs. is there a way to get it to be an 80 g hard drive agian or do i have to buy a new one

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okay do exactly as i say

1) Right click on "My Computer" and choose Manage

2) Go into Disk Management (Under the storage category)

3)Tell us what you see


I erased it with the Cd that came with the maxtor hard driveand the 31g is the total size. In the disk management it says:
layout- partition
Type- basic
file system- NTFS
status- healthy (system)
Capacity- 31.48 GB
Free Space- 4.94 GB
% Free- 15%
Fault tolerance- no
overhead- 0%


on maxtor hdd there is a jumper that limit the hdd space, check the jumper setting, and set it accordingly, if it's a single drive, or slave but do not use the limit jumper


there is only one of those jumper things and its on the one so it can be the master drive.

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