hi i have had a computer for 2 years now and all of a sudden the CD drive doesn't work this is a real problem because I'm producing important work at the moment and my flash drive is broken please could you help me resolve the problem


Hi bondi007 and welcome to DaniWeb.

That's a little thin to make any guesses on, care to fill us in on what is or isn't happening? Are you trying to play a CD, burn one?

i was trying to burn i DVD of Nero and it says they is no disk in it i had cyberlink but i got Nero because it had more features

when i insert a disk it makes a humming noise then says there's no disk in it. my computer says its working properly but it isn't it would be a great help if you could give us a hand


It could be that it doesn't like the media that you are using, or it could be a driver.

A quick fix that often works for this is to uninstall the drive and cycle the computer on and off, reinstall the drive and the installation wizard should recognize it and try to find the proper drivers for it.

What is the make and model of you DVD-RW? Did it come with drivers?

iv got a Phillips CD drive on a iqon PC that i bought from tesco the only Cd's Ive got is Microsoft works and printer drivers and monitor drivers
is there any way where i can get the drivers from and how do i take care of uninstalling then installing

Ive used copies but Ive tried a blank CD and a real DVD


You have me a little confused, in you first post you mention a CD drive, in the second post you mention trying to burn a DVD, and now you say it's a CD drive.

If it is a CD-RW you can not read or burn DVDs.

i'm sorry

i did not mention that it was a CD r and DVD r combo

would that be any different though