ok i built a new computer and updated video drivers. i have a evga 7600 gt graphics card with a vizio 20' tv/monitor. i try running half-life 2 episode 1 and the monitor suddenly acts like the computer is turned off saying no source but i hear the game music. i press ctrl alt del and it goes back to the desktop. can anyone help me? thanks

does the game still run in the background when u press CTRL+ALT+DEL. if so u might need to increase the refresh rate for the monitor. check the game requirement for the display resolution and change the refresh to match

the game is still running yes, you can hear it but its just a blue screen that says no signal just like when i turn the tower off. i actually got it to run for a few seconds until i click or press a key. then it goes to the blue screen

i cant even change the screen resolution without it going to the blure no signal screen.

what blue screen , check the connections, turn off screensaver and disable virus protection.

sorry i should explain the blue screen further okay on a vizio tv/monitor when you turn the dvd player off the dvd no longer puts out a signal to the tv so it goes blue same as when you unplugg the cable cord. well it just does this everytime i switch back and forth from the game. i press ctrl alt del to get out and the monitor goes to the desktop and when i click half life it goes blue. the connections are good.

ok so the game is the culprit. is there any setting in the game that you can change in regards to screen resolution

yes but i can't even get to the options

can the game run in safe mode on xp, maybe if it's running with less resources dedicated to windows it might function. try that and see the outcome