I just bought a Asus M2NPV-VM motherboard and AMD AM2 4800 processor.

I rebuilt the machine and installed Windows XP SP2. Everything went fine. I installed a graphics card and then rebooted the machine.

When I booted back up it gave me a boot error. I went into the bios but it showed the Seagate drive as a QTxxxxx instead of STxxxxx. I tried using the back up bios settings but they were also corrupted.

reset the RTC ram. Botched it slightly when I dropped the jumper and did not get it back on for 2-3 moins instead of 10-20 sec.

rebooted and it was still not showing any drives!

Flashed the bios following the instructions inthe manual and website using the latest version. Everything seems fine but when I reboot, it still shows no drives.

Have I killed the motherboard?


downloaded the bios update again and reinstalled it and it worked!

The one I downloaded must have been somewhat corrupt or the gremlins sodded off for a coffee.