Does anyone know where I can get drivers for SONY VAIO VGN-FE48C and after changing the OS from Chinese's to Russian how can I 'back it up ' if I don't have the software that Sony installed at the beginning(I mean VAIO recovery utility)
BIg thanks for eveyone!!!

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QUOTE=Master_Vos;411168]Try to check the russia site:

I tried but didn't find
Your model is unique for your region, so you should be finding the correct drivers on their site that applies to your region.
The notebook was bought in China, the maximum what I could find were China's site(but i don't know Chinese)
and by saying 'back up' I meant that all sony vaio have their own "back up" system
and it can be recovered by VAIO Recovery utility,which I don't have
so Master_Vos I don't know what 2 do:Sony's sites don't have my model, I don't have drivers,don't have th SONY's software, I even can't download it 'cause Sony can't detect my serial number......
People who had the same problem, help PLEASE!!!!!!!!

hey i have the same problem whut my VGN-FS48C no driver no serial no nothing ! did u find something for your self ??

Hi!!! I still have not solved this problem but i talked with Sony Vaio helpdesk, they told me to come to China and they will do everything if I have warranty....
P.S.you meant Fe 48c or fs 48c, if fe 48c then I have some drivers.....which one you need?

i was mean FS ! thank yau for responding my mail ! i was thinking that i was the only one whut problems :P ! so you will go to china ?? i am far away! i am from romania :P! please send me yaur drivers for your FE mabye they are useful

2 opreesh:
My friend may go in october, so i 'll try 2 give him...
From this moment we're FRIENDS ;) 'cause you're the 2'nd person who has the same problem...
Drivers?I'll send you, but later O'K...now I'm a little bit busy and tired..Anyway keep in touch!!!

I solved the problem!!!
Drivers of FE48G are suitable :)))

I have the same problem
I find almost all the drivers for vgn-fs48c but not sony utilities.
My Fn keys are not working. Any sugestions for that

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