First off i would like to say that this is a awesome site and i'm so
glad i found it because i'm in over my head with my laptop.I have a Toshiba
satellite model P205-S6287.The other day it started acting funny for instance
every time i would click on something it would just keep opening new pages so
i tried to do a system restore to the last time that it was working,well since then
When i try and turn it on all i have is a blank screen i can hear the music it plays
just like it does when it is working and all the lights come on ,but there is no screen.
Can soneone please tell me what this is and maybe how to fix it or even reboot it.
If this helps it has windows vista and is around six months old.
Thank You in advance

There should be a function key combination to press (Fn key with some F key.)

that should turn on an LCD that has been deactivated. Try that and see what happens.

I just tried pressing the FN key with all the f keys
and i did not work.Yhank You for trying to help

Thank you for trying to help me,but i still can't
seem to get it to work if someone else has any
ideas on what i can try it would be great!!!

maybe the back light in your LCD died? Have you tried an external monitor to the d-sub (or DVI) port?