Recently, my Dell wireless keyboard just stopped working. I tried changing the batteries, but nothing. The weird thing is, the special keys like Refresh and volume control still work. My dad thinks it could be a virus. What should I do?

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I have a similar problem with my Dell wireless keyboard. Only with mine, the keys do not seem to funtion properly. For example, when I hit the backspace key, nothing, but when I hit the "j" key it closes my browser window. I'm pretty sure this is due to a virus. Does anyone know how I can remedy this problem?


I am having the same problem with my Dell Wireless Keyboard (Y-RAQ-DEL2). Bluetooth light flashes, but does not seem to connect to computer. May require reprogrqamming, but I threw away the instruction after initial programming. Anyone still have them?



I have the same Dell Wireless Keyboard (Y-RAQ-DEL2) with the exact same issue. help!



I tried all these things as well. First I changed the batteries, then I reinstalled the drivers...while I was pressing the connect buttons on the front of the computer and the back of the keyboard...and restarting the machine again and again. Dell suggested I restore my computer from a previous day - which I did, and that didn't work. The weird thing was that in Safe Mode and in SetUp the keyboard worked JUST FINE. Finally after 2 1/2 hours on the phone with Dell Support they recommended restoring Vista from the disk, so I lost everything, it is a new system. I'm sure it was just a Port or I/O setting. But my Dell rep couldn't figure it out, and after 2-3 days and a new computer not working I was jsut through with trying anything else.

I did buy a USB keyboard that doesn't look as cool, but it doesn't eat batteries either.


I have the identical keyboard and the mouse works fine, and when I reset the receiver, the box on the screen says that both are connected, but still no control from the keyboard. I've had it just over a year and no previous problems. I tried new batteries and rebooted a couple of times. the blue light does a rapid flash on the keyboard. anyone solve this yet?


I had to go to bluetooth devices, disconnect the keyboard. Then on the keyboard press the connect button in the back, the BT light starts blinking, so then I pressed connect on the computer for keyboard in bluetooth devices and typed in the pass key and enter. It worked afterwards.




Yep, I read and frantically and searched the internet when my beautiful dell blutooth keyboard went dead.

I must enphasis that the information on Dell and Microsofts support site was crap.

Try this for MS Windows 7 users:

Just re-try adding you BT Dell Keyboard via the bluetooth tray icon, ensuring it is not already added:

1. Open the bluetooth page.
2. Click on Add a device.
3. Select your BT dell keyboard and right click on it to view the properties (DO NOT CLICK NEXT).
4. From the pop-up select the 'Services' tab (I think) and from their tick the 'Drivers for keyboard, mice, etc (HID)' option and click OK.
5. You may have to click on next thereafter and may also need internet connectivity.
6. Windows will then start showing in the tray icon a installing driver icon. Once that has completed and it informs you that the device is ready for use. Click the okay/close button and you should see your Dell BT Keyboard in the bluetooth devices.
If not, you may need to repeat the process or manually try adding the keyboard again and let Windows choose the pairing code.

Hope this works, as the dell BT keyboard is a dream to use.


my keyboard is not working at all and i changed batterries, try trouble shooting it and nothing works. my key board you can't connect by usb plug and its not working with wfi or blutooth. Does anyone have any sugestions? I would apperciate, the only thing workng is my mouse and Tablet mode.

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