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First off, I have an aging card that is easily 4+ years old. This card is a NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 100/200 32MB. I am soon upgrading my computer and I need some input on what card I should choose.

Whilst on my computer, I like to play light gaming games. These games include, CounterStrike: Source, Flyff, and Return To Castle Wolfenstein. If you'd like, you can go to the game websites and check out the requirements for the games. I have in between minimal and recommended requirements but all of them play like poop. As of now, I get roughly 30 (yes, 30) FPS on CS:S. My friend has a GeForce FX 5500 which plays at about 55 average FPS, and the FX series wasn't made for gaming. I have an AGP slot, like I said old :rolleyes:. These are a few cards I have checked out and I need to know which one will double my card, if not triple. Basically, way better gaming experience. For a video card, I'm around a 50-70$ budget, as I am also adding 512MB of RAM and a new PSU to my computer.

PSU (Recommended from PC Mechanic)

Video Cards

The reviews all came out pretty decent, some people stating that they play CS:S flawlessly. If a card can play CS:S flawlessly, it can play Flyff and Return to Castle Wolfenstein even more flawlessly. Also, I find that the first card, the Sapphire Radeon 9600PRO, is the best. It has a core clock of 400MHz and a memory clock of 466MHz. Though I find this one best in my opinion, I need some more help from more experienced people.


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To be honest I wouldn't invest any more money in a computer that old. You computer is old enough that things could start failing at any time. I would save up and build a new computer that uses some of the newer technology, like a PCI-E graphics card.



Okay, I know that I need to buy a new computer. Along with this video card I am buying a 430W Thermaltake PSU and 512MB Wintec RAM. I know this computer is going to die within the next year. As you may not know, I am only 15 and 150$ is what I saved up to upgrade this hunker. The only thing that'll be considerately old on my computer once placing these items in will be the motherboard and processor. On average how long does a motherboard and processor last? Eventually, probably next year or so I will have a job and will save up to buy a decent 700$ computer or so for myself, but for right now, I need something better. My mom is eventually giving this to me and buying a new one for herself. So what do you think?

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