Hi all,

I have a 667mhz MacBook Pro duo Intel. I shopped for memory and decided to upgrade from my 2x500mhz cards that came shipped with the book.

From New Egg, i received a Patriot 2gig pc2-5300 card.

I plugged the new card in and it wouldn't work with either of my 500 mhz cards. I plugged the 2gig card in alone and it works fine. Both 500nhz cards work fine independently of the 2 gig.

Is there some compatibility issue between Patriot and the Samsung cards that shipped with my computer or is there another issue? I'd like to take advantage of that second slot particularly if i could slide one of my existing cards in there and get a little extra power.

Any advice on this would be a great help. Thanks for your time,

2gb is the maximum memory for the macbook. It cant handle any more than that

thanks for the response jbennet.

According to Apple, I'm supposed to be able to go up to 3 gigs on the Macbook Pro. Their memory page says that i can add 2x2gig cards if i wanted to but only 3 gigs of it would be used.

I would think that if it was just "maxxed out" that the extra 500m chip would sit there and do nothing. Instead, i can't get the computer to boot up with both the original chip and the new one.

it lies?

I looked on crucial memory and it says that your macbook supports only 2gb

well that's just strange then. would that also explain the not booting up with a 2g and 500m card plugged in?

The latest models of MacBooks (and MacBook Pros) all support up to 4 GB of RAM. And while these limitations are present, that doesn't mean you can't stick 8 GB of RAM into your laptop, it just means your Mac will only utilize 4 GB of it. So even if your computer only supports 2 GB of RAM, that still wouldn't explain why it's not booting with the second RAM module inserted.

The amount of memory you can put in really depends on what MacBook Pro model you have. Do you have the Intel Core 2 Duo processor, or just Core Duo?

thanks for the response. I'd been looking at the stats for the Core 2 Duo and i only have the Core Duo. that was where i went wrong. Thanks for setting me straight.

so its 2gb, like i said