Hi I use my pc for e/mails and getting assigments for work in the last few weeks i can not click any links i have to copy and paste everything, i can not click links on exgamlpe e/bay leave feeedback i have tried what everthing on the internet page nothing worked somethings i could not do, some of the things i did not understand i am not very good on p/c jargon

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1. Restart your computer, click F8 while it is restarting
2. Boot into "safe mode with Networking"
3. Try to double click a program to start it. If double clicking is now working, then you probably have a virus on your computer. Whether or not you have a virus, the next two steps can't hurt.
4. malwarebytes.com -> download free version. Download it. Install it, run it.
5. download.com -> search for "ad-aware", download the first link which is the free version of ad-aware. Install & run it.

I hope after you follow those steps, your problem will be resolved. But you're in the wrong forum (this forum is not for computer help) and I'm not an expert on the subject. You might just have a really simple problem that has nothing to do with viruses. (I did a quick google search and I saw other users had problems like double click speed being set so high that they couldn't click that fast, etc)


Thank you very much have tried all that you said no luck i think it may have some thing to do with my sercrity settings

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