I have just recently "regained" my Broadband connection after ~6weeks of ISP "upgrades" anyway ... to the point ;) I am now getting "Bombarded" by Eicar test string viruses? NIS 2005 picks them up and quarantines them but when I am getting 3-400 at a time sometimes several times a day My machine is working O/T at times. Is there a way to find where they originate? I'm presuming malicous origin .. probing/testing keeping my Security busy? Has anyone had similar experience? I have run NIS online virus checker and Spybot but nothing seen? Any help / recomendations gratefully received :o Thanx Scooby

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Eicar files aren't malicious; they're virus testing tools. Think of them as "virus simulators". Here's more info from Symantec (Norton):

The Eicar Test String is not a real virus. It is a text file that is used to test antivirus software. By default, the file name is Eicar.com, but it could be renamed to anything. Eicar.com can be downloaded from the Eicar Web site at http://www.eicar.org/anti_virus_test_file.htm . It can also be created in any text editor. It is not a virus, and it cannot infect your computer. It contains the EICAR Test String.

Norton AntiVirus detects this as EICAR Test String.

If it was detected on your computer, it likely was downloaded or created by someone for testing purposes.

This test string cannot be repaired. To remove it, delete all files that are detected as EICAR Test String.


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