I am new to computers so bare with me. I am taking a computer class in college, so I am slowing understanding everything. I skimmed through some of the articles so if this is a repeat I am sorry, and if I am violating any terms, sorry!

I just purchased a HP Pavilion dv6z-7000 Entertainment Notebook PC last month, it is not even a month old and the other night I got the BSoD. I have only been using the computer for school work, some web surfing, and I've watched a couple movies on it. Here is the events leading up to the BSoD:

I downloaded this application from Shutterfly.com to upload pictures off of my computer to the Shutterfly website faster.

I had a lot of pictures to upload, so while I was waiting for the pictures to finish uploading, I put in a movie in my laptop.

I was watching my movie and the pictures were almost done uploading, then all of a sudden was this horrid sound and a blue screen with an error message(I can't remember what it said), came up. The sound was horrible and loud, that I just pressed and held the power button.

Once I turned off my computer was when I realized that was the BSoD.

I turned my laptop back on and a black screen came up asking if I wanted to open in safe mode or open normally, I was going to open it in safe mode but I took too long and it opened normally.

My computer was acting like it was fine.

I opened up my Norton Anti-Virus right away, and did a full computer scan. I had 36 tracking cookies, which I honestly don't know what that means.

My comptuer was working just fine, but I desided to do a system restore. It removed the Shutterfly program I had downloaded, which is the only program I have downloaded on to the computer besides and system updates through Microsoft, Adobe, Flashplayer, Norton, etc. Also it turned off my Anti-Virus and Spyware that I had through Norton. And it said my computer may be at risk...I had a little difficulties, but I turned Norton back on and did a quick scan, and I had more tracking cookies.

Well now everything seems to be fine. But like I said my laptop isn't even 30days old. I bought it through the HP website, should I call them and try to get it fixed or exchanged for a new one? Or is my computer fine? Do you think it was the Shutterfly program? And if it was, since it is now deleted should my computer be fine? I have a AMD dual proccesor, could it be because the Shutterfly program was not compatiable with that?

Like I said I am new to computers, and I know a little but not much. Sorry this is so long, I just wanted to make sure to put as much detail as I could to get the best answers. Thank you for reading, and any advice or answers would be greatly apreciated!

I don't think StutterFly program would lead your laptop to BSOD. It could be either the movie player itself but I believe it was Norton that cause the crash. You should uninstall it and try other Anti-Virus in market like Avast, Avira, Kaspersky etc.

Tracking cookies can both be harmless or harmful, depends on the cookies that reside on your computer. It save your information from website that you've visited for quick access later on.

If you're still unsure, then it's better to contact HP service centre for advice and further help on your current problem.

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