I have an interesting browser hijacker that randomly redirects me whenever I click a search link, and recently even if I paste a direct url into the address bar it will redirect. I've been away from this field for a bit and am a little rusty, but I have ran the usual (AVG, Malwarebytes, Hijackthis, combofix, Security Essentials) all separately of course. To no avail though. Any input on this topic would be welcome.

When it redirects it has an IPs in the address bar, or things like livesearchnow...

see link as example->

Any help is welcome.
Thanks in advance

You will need to give us a clue as to which browser you are using. But, if you know where to look, then have a look at what your default search engine is, as well as start page.

The link you have provided doesn't work for me.

That is a link I was redirected to. It happens across all browsers.

Sounds more like a torjan/virus than a browser hijack.

Try Malwarebytes - It's free and works great.

malwarebytes or superantivirus , and this newer one on the seen for me anyway ,fixed my last problem that malwarebytes didn't fix ,
Emsisoft Click Here

Do you know "this" things name ?
If yes then use name else use the name of web where it redirects you.
In Mozilla go to address bar
type "about:config"
Search for that name or web, Reset Everything

Thanks for all the input guys. I'm going to run through a small list of actions taken:

avg free

These were all downloaded and run separately of course so there were no conflicts. As far as what "this" things names was ram619. If I knew what it was called I could run a simple Google search and find a step by step removal. Unfortunately all I have a clues and those clues are the locations that it takes me.

Any further input is welcome folks. The problem does still exist. It is not a cache issue either. I run ccleaner regularly as well as using the windows cleanup weekly.

becareful with combofix ,as its only meant to be used when you are under the guidance of a malware pro helper at bleeepingcomputers.com or other sites ,as it can cause serisous issues if used when it not suppose to be used

run the tdskiller post above .its a well reccomende program also

I will use tdskiller tonight. Thanks caperjack. On a side note I've been using combofix for quite some time and am fairly well versed in the use of many applications that are out there. I've been exploring other avenues of education and work the past couple of years and have really fallen out of touch with what is out there as far as malware goes and the newer applications to combat it.

For an infection such as you describe you could run these, in this order:

http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic114351.html [combofix, just show the results you have already]
For OTL, press Scan All Users, Minimal Output, Standard Registry ALL, check both LOP and Purity boxes, leave other sections as they are.
Under the Custom Scan box paste this in:


  • Press Run Scan.
    The scan will take maybe 5 minutes; 2 notepads will present [saved to the place from where you ran OTL.exe] - please post both.
    Post all results, please.