I've just realised a weird behaviour regarding Windows Defender in my laptop. Whenever I open (run) it, either by prompting to run a scan or just to open the GUI, it always closes itself immediately (even before it finishes scanning my computer if I open it to scan my computer, i.e. I cannot do a thing with it closing in less than 2 seconds). This weird behaviour stops for just once before I restarted my laptop but then it reappears. Strangely to me, this issue doesn't come up if I run Windows Defender as Administrator (it ran just normally without closing by itself); however, I'm just worried if this issue had anything to do with virus, spyware, or malware.

Can anyone suggest me what I should do? I'm running a genuine (and activated) copy of Windows 7 Home Basic. Many thanks in advance

Note: I believe it does not have anything to do with my antivirus program because I've tried to turn it off and this thing still happens. I'm using Avast! Free AntiVirus.

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Are you getting any errors of sort? If so, please add the error code (eg.Ox50013665) , or at least what the message says.

I don't get any error, it just closes immediatey. I guess, after trying to completely turn off my antivirus program (and restarted my laptop), it is indeed because of my antivirus program (Avast! free antivirus). Sorry about that. It's just very weird because I've never really noticed this behaviour after all this time using Avast!. I'm still not 100% sure why it can clash with Windows BitDefender though. Thanks a lot for replying me :)

It so happen clossing the windows defender it not a big problem when you have installed an antivisus programme.Because windows thinks that tow antivisus programme (as windows defender works as an antithreats) can slow down your pc. So not to worry about.

It happens due to a kind of virus that have function to disable AntiVirus Software.
And you are using Avast(F**king) so it will never detect this virus
Uninstall it immediately and use Any updated trusted Antivirus like Quick Heal.