ok i have a computer thats over 6 years old. its a compaq windows XP home edition.
i am REALLY not a computer expert at ALL.
so nowadays and months b4 too, our computer has been realllyyyy slow with loading up, startups, and just everything!! so i decided to remove programs that i dont use anymore. but i had no idea wut intel graphic thing was so i deleted that since it took only 4 MB. but after i rebooted, everything was bigger! i mean the icons were bigger, the screen was bigger. i changed the resolution and it went bak to its orginal size. but then this thing keeps poppin up sayin a file is needed which is file : wADV08NT.sys.
i found the file but it wasnt the full file. it was the icon that loooks imcomplete. but it still started installing a new program for intel. but when i did, it stopped sayin tha tmy computer doesnt have the minimum requirements. so i go to intel and see wut the requirements are, and there are A BUNCH of diifferent requirements for different intel programs. i have no idea wut kind of program wADV08NT.sys goes with so i tried ignoreing the pop up but it keeps poppin up.

i typed t he file in google and a website showed up that u can download it but u have to pay for it. should i pay for it? and why is my computer sooo slow??

everytime i used firefox and AIM triton, my computer slows down EVERYTIME its soo annnoying. like i said, my computer slows down everytime i try to open up anything.

PLEASEESSSSS HELP ME~!! ive been stressing out and breakin down from my dad consistently askin wuts wrong with the computer? it drives me insane. esp when i try to find the solution for like 4 hours!!:sad:

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Please download HiJackThis. Extract it to it's own folder. Then run it and select Do system scan and save log. Then post the log that pops up. We will then work fromt there.


first thing never delet to save space,,you deleted you video drivers by the sound of it .! you will nedd to find out what they are and download new video drivers ,or maybe a system restore will fix it .


ohhh XP
ill remember that one from now on.

yea but i checked my computer, and it said i stil have intel graphics.. and i dont kno wut a video driver is..

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