I got a notice from "Lifelock" that stated Adobe announced last month that some of its customers' usernames and passwords had been stolen.

The company says it reset the stolen passwords and notified its customers. Adobe also says the stolen data included credit-card information for some of its customers. That data was encrypted, and it's not clear whether the hackers have the ability to decode it. What we found on black-market websites related to you was only your username and password.

Adobe did not contact me but I can still login.

Should I be concerned about the usernames and passwords as I use the same one for a bunch of sites??

Thanks in advance, pwink44

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Should I be concerned about the usernames and passwords as I use the same one for a bunch of sites??

I would say most definately regardless of this breach with Adobe. If you share the same username and passwords across multiple sites, it would be very easy for someone to log into say your bank online account. At the very least, a malicious user could potentially log into your facebook, twitter, email and send messages to your contacts posing as you to gain more information, or to monitor your conversations in hopes to get even more information.

If it were me, I would change the passwords immediately. If you have trouble remembering passwords, you may consider getting a secure app that will store your passwords securely so you dont have to remember them.

Absolutely what Jorge said. Password reuse and cross-service sharing is one of the most exploited of attack surfaces. There is some merit in the argument that the same can be applied to usernames, in an ideally secure world, but certainly passwords should never be used more than once. A secure password vault application that is properly encrypted and uses a strong/complex enough master pass phrase is your friend here. Not only will it store the unique passwords for you but most will generate unique strong/complex passwords for your services as well. Check out LastPass and 1Password for starters...

Hi, Rosy, just choose a forum topic you wish to address from the tabs below the <DANIWEB> banner, and do what you just did... post. Either in a current topic if you wish to add to that conversation, else click Start a New Discussion.

Thanks to both "JorgeM" and "happygeek". I had a felling that was what I was looking at but had hoped not to have to go to 80+ active sites and do passwords. I'm looking at "keepass2" as an alternative. Again thanks!

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