Actually there are lots of programs installed,
and My pc is used by my family. I dont know which software are necessary.
I think while installing some program, this ads banner were added...
When I open google chrome, internet explorer, firefox, safari (any browser)
The ads get pop up above the data page.
Not only this, but when there is no browser open then also the browser open and come with one title and lots of stuff (ads)

I cant understand where this rubbish programs data installed?
Help me

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What u would recommend is that you run some anti-malware program(s) on your PC to scan and remove the malware that's causing those unwanted ads. One of my favorite programs to start with is Malwarebytes. Its free and very good.

Also, go into control panel and remove all programs that you aren't using, didn't install, or do not trust. You should consider not installing software that comes from untrusted sites. Unfortunately, a lot if times, free software can have additional stuff included that you may not want running on your system.

With some if the nastier stuff that gets installed on your computer like this annoying advertising, it could have come from a website that you visited previously and a popup can up enticing you to "upgrade" your media player or flash or adobe or something common to get you to run it. Or course it is fake and the purpose was simply to get you to install the malware.

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You can list all your programs in your Programs and features so that we can better help you. Or you can tell us the URL of those pop-ups.

If you want to get rid of ads you should insall adblock plus addon in firefox.

yeah i hate ads too. u can try AdwCleaner

it scans ur computer and lists any/all files/folders that have all these crap and it is also up to u to decide which to delete or not.

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