I honestly don't know what happened, I was online surfing the web. I was excited the new iOS 8 was announced and downloaded the ISPW from the typical site I use. I opened itunes and got weird errors so I tried reinstalling it and got more errors. So I said maybe there is a new update for Dell Computers and opened my dell system update and got another Application Error. Then I looked online and they all said do an SFC scan but I got another error. I make a system restore each month and tried to restore back to last month but there was nothing there.

I then assumed maybe theres a registry error so I used WiseCare and it detected some but after fixing them i still kept getting the same errors. I then ran Malware Bytes and a RootKit detection program and nothing came up. Im losing my mind cause all I can see that there may be left to do is wipe my computer.

Get hdtune and test your hard drive. If it fails then you will have to replace it.

iOS 8 on a Windows machine? iOS is an Apple OS and won't run there. Are you sure you don't mean Windows 8? Also, there is a 32-bit and a 64-bit version of Win8 and if your system is old, and doesn't have a current CPU or enough memory, then you are SOL with Win8 as well.