So, a few times I have typed in some specific searches into google, and ultimately come up with some really spooky coming back to me from google. I don't really want to share what I was searching for, it's highly specific however, and it smacks of past experiences I have had in life however. It's almost like someone was somehow manipulating my web traffic to freak me out. Does any one know anything that would cause this, and how would I go about fixing the problem? Let's just assume somebody is in a position to either MITM me, or even do some tracker schenanigans.

For example though, say I searched for something related to physics, for instance "em spectrum wikipedia" and in the search results questions like "why is my eye twitching" come back. Now let's just assume that my experiences have exposed me to large amounts of IR light, which has caused my eye to twitch on occasion. The results are very spooky to me, how the hell would somebody manipulate my search results like this? Would tracker sites do this, or manipulation of the traffic en-route? All or most of my traffic appears to be https encrypted, and traffic from google should be TLS encrypted which should be a hell of a lot better than https.

This is a highly odd discussion, sorry folks, but it is a real problem, and I don't really know how somebody would be messing with me in this way. I try not to alarm anybody but unfortunately I have met some real douche bags in my area who have lots of technical knowledge. Don't look into this any further than this forum post, as there won't be any evidence of anything they have done, but if you know how to fix the problem that would be great. Don't come knocking on my door for this post ultimately that would only land me in hot water.

Ok, I may have figured it out. I just deleted my entire browsing history using google's advanced delete options. I think that has solved the problem. Some-one may have weighted my browsing to favor certain things. My account password has changed a few times since I set it up. All the same if any body else has any other ideas concerning this spooky search results please share. I am thinking I solved the problem. You see, once somebody who I found out to not be a very good friend was in my house alone with my old computer. So I am thinking the douche bag may have set up some kind of script on that old computer to F*** with my google account search results.

Ok, am thinking it did not solve the problem. Must be something else.

Hi overwraith :)

I'll try and assist you the best I can, but you haven't posted in the last five days, but if you ever post here again i'll be happy to help you.

Have a go at using this tool:

What the tool does is deletes the browsing history (clears the whole lot) then it looks for adware that can be removed. After scanning it will generate a log file on your desktop of what bad stuff is removed. You might need to reset your browser to factory defaults after it's cleaned the browsing history:

commented: Thanks a lot this should help. +3

That is awesome. Thanks man. I will try things out. AVG on my computer also just flagged some cookies, so I will try things out and see if I am still getting spooky results. Additionally I showed my dad some of these spooky results, and he's a sys-admin/vmware type. He agreed with me, some of these results were pretty spooky.

Ideally I will be able to set up a virtual machine to do most of my browsing which will be relatively easy to use, and won't persist anything. That's what I was doing for a long time, it's just vmware player wouldn't allow some settings out of the box. Now got a better version, VMWare workstation. Should allow better copy/paiste/file download.

Sometimes I don't post back here consistantly. Got things going on you know.

If anybody has any other things I could learn about making my browser safer that would be great. It seems like I have been under a bad star for a long time now.

I suppose I should ask, is there any way to tell if DNS, or something was being manipulated? I wouldn't think there would be, not on my end. If there was something being manipulated it would have been outside my router, which would mean I literally wouldn't be able to intercept anything.

Ok, I just want to make sure of something here. Could I have a few people type in "computer glasses" as a search query into google, and scroll down the page, and see if you see that text/button that says "How come my left eye twitches?" or something to that effect.

I've abandoned AVG a very long time ago after the weird browser that came with it started acting eerie for some reason. I chose Avast over it, because it gives you 1 years free license and a little trick too I use is using different emails after 365 days.

I don't know, but is AVG's home splash page on your browser? I had nightmares of that home page once, but I don't think uninstalling AVG might help.

If the two above didn't work would uninstalling the browser help?

Actually, I have specified not to use the secure search, due to it being too difficult to use, and having unsatisfactory searching features. The spooky feature is quite literally a firefox/IE google thing. Actually I have discovered something interesting, when I use a different search engine a lot of the creepy factor goes away. This is interesting. Ok, I am switching to another search engine.

How would one get different email addresses every n days? It seems there would be a lot of accounts to re-set up, and I don't think that cox would let us get random email addresses every few months. Is that an AV specific feature? Is that specifically for Avast?

Tor browser might be good or Pale Moon by Firefox I think that your browser got injected with some nasty stuff.