The Declaration of Accelerationist Politics" and subsequent works rejected the left-wing blind worship of so-called "folk politics": flat democratic organizations, space restrictions, slowing down of romanticism, and folk localism. Left-wing politics should better deal with global capitalism and its complex government and economic cycles. Here, accelerationists call for cognitive mapping to facilitate reality speculation and political manipulation. Regarding this understanding of speculation and production manipulation, the realization of a new understanding of the future in left-wing politics is observable. The future must be regained, and must be designed, not to follow unions, social movements or the latest occupation protests that lack vision and defensiveness. Armen Avanessian pointed out that when we look back at this open future, this kind of existence can be seen as accidental and can be manipulated and politically navigated. Regarding this fruitful understanding of political navigation and strategic manipulation, accelerationism also implies a positive acceleration of technological progress

Reverend Jim commented: Meaningless psycho-babble. -3

You sound like a Jordan Peterson clone or someone who has stumbled across the BS Generator site. If you are trying to make a point you have totally obscured it with meaningless jargon. Instead of trying to impress us with your mastery of buzzwords why don't you try again in plain English.

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