Just when you thought it was safe to forget SCO and their ridiculous notions about suing IBM and others for infringing on their copyright ownership of UNIX, it isn't. It's been 5 years since SCO sent out its threatdown letters to large companies telling them that they may owe money to SCO for using illegal software. Today, SCO is in bankruptcy.

SCO CEO, Darl McBride, still believes that SCO owns UNIX in some form. Novell never transferred the copyrights to SCO in the sale of UnixWare but yet the dream lives on. This week the trial began that determines how much money may be owed to Novell from SCO (Up to $20 million). A strange turn of events indeed.

Novell probably has no desire for any monetary compensation from SCO but most likely wants what we all want: For SCO to just go away.

The conflicting testimonies given by Senior SCO VP Chris Sontag and Darl McBride certainly doesn't help SCO's case. Sontag stated that he didn't know if any UNIX code is actually in Linux or not. McBride, on the other hand, is convinced that there is.

Someone needs to explain clearly to Mr. McBride that SCO doesn't own UNIX, never did, never will, and that he needs to retire and write his memoirs. Or perhaps he can pursue a suite against Cisco Systems because they obviously stole the "SCO" part of CISCO and made it their own. Not convincing enough? He could sue McDonald's because he obviously owns the copyright to the "Mc" in his name. I think you get the idea now. Too bad SCO doesn't.